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Skin Disease: Need No Scar Life Now!

No scar life now, diseases like Leukoderma (Vitiligo) and Psoriasis are curable. Though fear is more even due to its incurability in the modern medicine system, the homeopathic practitioner couple from Jalgaon (Maharashtra) claims that they had treated more than 80000 patients and have satisfactory results.

Duo Dr. Mahendra Kabra and Dr. Mamta Kabra working for Action for Leukoderma Affected Person for decades since 1984 and based on continued research, and appropriate oral homeopathic regimen which equalizes the internal imbalances which in turn removes the external symptoms too. No role of external ointment or UV or sun rays in this therapy. Just those oral sweet pills for enough duration and wonder will take place.

There is a myth about leukoderma and other skin disorders that they are about the skin and can be treated by external, superior treatment. They are the external manifestation of the internal disorder /toxins! When melanocytes are damaged due to the liberation of bodily toxins through the skin, melanin pigment formation is stopped leading to color loss of skin.

Kabra couple has been honored by the World Homeopathy Congress 1996 in Italy for their successive story.

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