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Pragati Nagpal Unveils Debut Single ‘Useless Bhawra’ with a Spectacular Launch at Golden Temple

Saregama, the leading music label, is thrilled to announce the debut single release of their newest sensation, Pragati Nagpal, titled ‘Useless Bhawra’. Hailing from the picturesque town of Pinjore, Pragati brings a modern yet rooted charm to the music scene, captivating hearts with her soulful voice and vibrant persona.

Poised to become the wedding song of the year, ‘Useless Bhawra’ embodies the essence of celebration and love. Pragati's dynamic vocals paired with infectious beats, create an irresistible anthem that promises to resonate with audiences worldwide.

What sets Pragati apart is not just her talent but also her unique journey. Fondly known as ‘Pinjore ki Pragati,’ she has captured the hearts of her town and beyond with her unparalleled charisma. Singing has been her companion since childhood, serving as her happy place.

Confident yet humble, she cherishes Indian culture and traditions while embracing independence and relatability. Pragati epitomizes self-made success, symbolizing resilience, hard work, and determination in her journey from Pinjore to Mumbai. In addition to her steadfast determination and passion for music, she remains fun, cute, and quirky. 

She recently embarked on a memorable journey with her family to the revered Golden Temple, where she unveiled her debut song ‘Useless Bhawra’ under the aegis of Saregama Talent. 

Known for redefining music, Saregama is beyond thrilled to introduce Pragati to the world. Vikram Mehra, Managing Director, Saregama says, Saregama’s endeavor to identify fresh talent and groom them into tomorrow’s superstars is exemplified through Pragati, a Pinjore girl whose self-driven nature embodies Indian values with global aspirations. Pragati’s debut single ‘Useless Bhawra’ not only showcases her talent but also shows how dedicated she is! Saddi Kudi dil jeet legi!

The official release of ‘Useless Bhawra’ is available on Saregama’s official YouTube page and all other major streaming platforms. Saregama invites fans, music enthusiasts, and the media to join in celebrating the debut of this exceptional artist and his meaningful contribution to the world of music.


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