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Mayside Books ™

Mayside Books Logo

Mayside Books ™, formerly the Origin of Books, is an Imprint of WireNews Limited. We publish books from time to time; it’s not our primary interest so we’re not out actively soliciting manuscripts.

We consider every book idea that comes our way so if you’ve been turned down by ‘other’ book publishers, give us a shout — we might just be interested.

Founded in 5757 (1997) in New York as the Origin of Books, Mayside Books has access to traditional and digital (print on demand) facilities and solid agreements with distribution outlets that enable us to promote your title effectively.

It’s unlikely that we will get into a ‘bidding war’ with another publisher so if you have an offer, take it.


If, however, you’ve got a great idea for a book and you’re hitting roadblocks in your quest to find a publisher, contact Mayside Books.

Our standard agreement is as follows:

  1. We cover all publishing and distribution costs;

  2. We pay up to a 50% monthly royalty on all books sales (after direct distribution costs);

  3. We own all future rights to that edition/version;


We will make a royalty advance for deserving books, so don't be afraid to ask. Just be prepared to make your case.


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