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Submit Press Releases

Any business can publish press releases for just £9.99 each
(including VAT where applicable)

High-volume business accounts are available. For more information click here and tell us something about your company.

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Publish your company's Press Release or Announcement for just £9.99 each (including VAT where applicable).


If you would like to submit your company's press release for publication through WireNews simply register (must be approved by WireNews before you can submit your media) or if you already have an account, log in to get started (see link at the top of each page). Once published, your press release will appear on Google News (after being crawled).


Once you have logged in, navigate to the Submit PR page of your profile, and complete the relevant form.


There are some rules and it's important to follow these guidelines in order to prevent wasting your time and our resources.

The Rules

  1. We will not allow articles or press releases about Bitcoin/Crypto-Currency;

  2. We will not allow posts about firearms, weapons or 'guns' of any kind;

  3. We will not allow posts about porn or pornography, pornographic media, or anything that could reasonably be considered 'adult' in nature;

  4. We will not allow posts about Escort services;

  5. We will not allow posts about any illegal product or service;

If you send us any of the above we will not accept it.

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