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Restaurant Cashier Sharing Morphed Obscene Images of Girls on Instagram

Be cautious while sharing your personal details on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Your details might be used for creating fake profiles for sharing your morphed obscene vulgar images and video clippings.

On the complaint of the girl of 20 yrs. old from Burari pursuing her study, Cyber Crime Cell of Delhi Police North District arrested a cashier of the restaurant at Panipat Haryana became familiar with the victim on Instagram by using the fake profile of a local women celebrity. In good faith, the victim shared her photographs, other personal information, and her mobile number.

Later on, the Victims' vulgar photographs circulated on social media platforms by creating two fake profiles of the victim to spoil her image. Even share her personal number and started harassing her. The conspirator of this episode Kapil Kumar is from Balijeet Nagar Panipat (Haryana) and is now in police custody. The case is registered under the appropriate section of the IPC and IT Act at PS Cyber North and further investigation is going on.

True that in modern society today, fame on social media platforms is becoming a passion nowadays. While using such platforms, share your personal details only to those whom you know personally otherwise the next number is your...


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