International Conspiracy to Defame

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

After violence held in Red Fort, ITO, and other parts of Delhi during a tractor rally organized by Kissan Unions on 26th January, the cybercrime unit of Delhi Police is vigilant on social media platforms and online portals. According to official sources 300, social media handles have been identified, used for pushing hateful and malicious content.

Preliminary investigation reveals that these social media handles are being used by individuals and organizations that have vested interests and are spreading disaffection and ill will against the Indian government. One document titled “Tool Kit” was uploaded through one of the social media handles on a particular media platform, created by the pro-Khalistan organization”, Poetic Justice Foundation”.

A section of the above document delimits the following action plan:

  1. Digital strike-through hashtags on or before 26th January

  2. Tweetstorm 23rd January onwards

  3. Physical action on 26th January

  4. Watch-out or join farmers march into Delhi and back to boarders

The unfolding of events past few days including the violence of 26th January has revealed copy-cat execution of the “action plan” detailed in the tool kit. The motive of the creator is a social-cultural and economic war against India.

In the entire episode, farmers may not even be aware as to what forces are guiding their actions and setting their agenda, there are clear indications that the hostile deep” state actors” were behind it or would join in to exploit the sentiments.

The case has been registered under the appropriate sections of the Indian panel code and further investigation is going on. While active in social media beware that you are under surveillance. little negligence may involve you in the conspiracy. Be careful and make the nation healthy.