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Apprehended Jaish-E- Mohammad Militants Follows the Deobandi

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Cross-border terrorism is the biggest challenge for law & enforcement agencies of India. Two J&K based militants of Jaish-E- Mohammad were apprehended by the Special Unit of Delhi Police. Both the terrorist Abdul Latif Mir and his associate Mohd. Ashraf Khatanahad follows the “Deobandi” faction of the community and their role model is Maulana Masood Azar.

Preliminary investigation reveals that both the terrorist tried to cross over to POK for training along with a few other radicalized youths but could not succeed. About four months ago, Abdul Latif Mir came in contact with one Aftab Malik through Facebook Messenger, a resident of Lahore, Pakistan, who asked him about his what’s-app number and called him through What’s-App and asked him about the profile picture of Maulana Masood Azharon his FaceBook profile.

Aftab offered him to come to Pakistan to join Maulana Masood Azhar. He told that he along with his friend Mohd. Ashraf tried to enter Pakistan through Kupwara Border but failed due to tight vigil at LOC by the security forces. Both the terrorists were nabbed from the Sarai kale Khan Terminal. At the time of arrest, they were planning to go to Nizamuddin Area to meet someone (the name was hidden), will arrange their basic training in UP, and crossover to Pakistan.

Both the terrorists are from J& K. Abdul Latif Mir was born in 1998 in Village-Doru, Baramulla, J&K. His father is a court Munshi in Distt. Court of Sopore, Baramullah, J&K. Studied up to 5th Class in Govt. Middle School Doru Thereafter, he left his studies, and in Nov 2011 he went to Darul Ulam Bilalia, Shak Madrasa, Khermbar, Sri Nagar, J&K. His associate Ashraf Khatana was born in the year 2000 in Village Hat Mulla, Kupwara, J&K.

Abdul Latif Mir has a Facebook account in the name of Mir Latif and has displayed the picture of Maulana Masood Azhar in his display Picture and used to listen to Maulana Masood Azhar on Social Media and wanted to join them for the freedom of J&K and to spread Islam all over the world. Used to listen to the news of Brutality with the Muslims all over the world on news channels and the lectures delivered in Deobandi by Arsad Madani, Maulana Mufti Faizul Wahid Sahab, and in J&K by Mufti Muzafar Hussain, Nazir Ahmad Saha Kashmi.

Both found the inspiration for the Jihad, and gradually, developed a jihadi mentality. Ready to take extreme measures for the so-called ‘Freedom of Kashmir'. Semi-automatic pistols of .32 with 10 live cartridges were recovered. Under appropriate sections of the law, the case has been registered and further investigation is going on.

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