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Poland’s National Day

Secretary of State

On behalf of the United States of America, I congratulate the people of Poland as you celebrate the 231st anniversary of the signing of your first constitution.

As the United States and Poland stand together in the face of Russian aggression, the critical importance of the enduring partnership between our two nations is exceedingly clear. As partners, friends, and NATO Allies, we are working together every day to advance our collective security, our mutual economic prosperity, and our shared democratic values. We are grateful for the strong ties of friendship and cooperation that we have worked together to build over many decades, ties that so many are relying on today.

As I noted during my visit to Warsaw in March, Poland has responded with great generosity, leadership, and resolve at this moment of crisis. The United States greatly values Poland’s steadfast support for Ukraine and its warm welcome to millions of innocent civilians escaping the brutality of Russia’s war of choice.

In the year ahead, the United States looks forward to developing our partnership even further as we continue to coordinate closely on issues of mutual interest and our collective commitment to addressing regional and global challenges, including Putin’s unprovoked, unjust, and premeditated war.


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