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Kestrel Assets to Launch CertainIDs

Kestrel Assets to Launch CertainIDs
Kestrel Assets to Launch CertainIDs

Kestrel Assets Limited, a subsidiary of Mayside Partners Limited, announced today its intention to develop and launch a customised digital ID system tailored for companies and membership organisations.

CertainIDs will enable any business to create digital IDs customised with their logo, specific details defined by them, and unique identifiers on a truly bespoke platform. With iOS and Android apps, cardholders can easily share their digital ID card, as well as edit and update details, making CertainIDs a suitable solution for small, growing, and large organisations worldwide.

Bill White, CEO of Mayside Partners Limited, conveyed to WireNews, "In our search for a solution to a specific requirement for WireNews, we found that there are very few, if any, companies providing a customised digital ID at an affordable price."

"We concluded that the only way to obtain what we wanted was to build it ourselves. Once that decision was made, the rest became easy," explained White.

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Kestrel Assets Limited is an asset management company based in Scotland. For more information go to

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