If the Government Really Cared About Your Health...

by Bill White

Promoting the newly created hashtag #StayatHome has become the latest indication of your wokeness. These campaigns arrive, one after the other, and captivate groups of people who don't want to be left out, or worse, have their 'friends' think they don't care.

Because you do care. You care about yourself and your family. And you know that its everyone else who is the problem. It's the other people who are risking your health. Want evidence of this? Walk down any sidewalk and mothers with children will literally pull their child away from you, as you pass, a clear indication that you're the problem. If they were the danger, you would have jumped clear of their path, not the other way around.

Go to the local grocery store and the clerk won't allow you to hand anything to them, but hands you the receipt after taking your money by credit/debit card with an ungloved hand and without wearing a mask. You're the problem.

Government, armed with a flawed research model produced by the Imperial College exaggerated and overestimated the severity of #COVID19 and governments all over the world reacted by laying waste to the global economy because they care about your health. But do they?

Governments around the globe have closed nearly every business under penalty of criminal prosecution and under the guise that this draconian action will save lives.

But since January 1, 2020...

  • More than 3,200,000 people have died worldwide from communicable diseases. As of this writing, more than 18,600 people have died TODAY **

  • More than 2,400 people died TODAY from HIV/AIDS **

  • More than 7,100 people died TODAY from smoking cigarettes **

  • More than 61,000 children were MURDERED TODAY **, but you didn't hear about that because the media and government (but I repeat myself) worked together to call it abortion and gave the right to kill those children to a woman who can choose who lives and who dies

  • And most relevant to our current circumstances, more than 120,500 people have died of seasonal flu ** and so far TODAY 700 people have died from flu

But the government and media didn't think those deaths mattered enough to tell you because they're focused on protecting your health from COVID19.

If the government really wanted to save lives, as an example, these leaders would pass legislation (as quickly as they did that empowered them to close all businesses following the outbreak of Chinese virus) to prohibit the manufacture, sale and use of tobacco. Too harsh? Really? More than 7,100 people died TODAY from smoking cigarettes. I thought they cared.

** Depending on when you read this the numbers will have increased considerably



Bill White is CEO of WireNews