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Crime News: Videos on Making Pages of Prosecution Evidence Claims

Providers can now watch 2 new training videos on how to claim correctly for pages of prosecution evidence (PPE)

We are making available 2 new videos to help you ensure you are claiming correctly for pages of prosecution evidence (PPE).

The videos are based on a successful ‘Help Us Say’ webinar held earlier this year and give you the chance to watch in your own time.

What do the videos cover?

The content is on our training website and covers PPE claims under our graduated fee schemes. This includes:

  • information requirements

  • LAA reports containing PPE

  • electronic evidence

  • how to appeal against decisions

The information is presented by experts from our our crime case management team and comes with a supporting slide pack.

The videos form part of our ‘Help Us Say Yes’ campaign. The aim is to help us say yes where possible in order to reduce administration and ensure timely payment.

Further Information

Graduated fee schemes and pages of prosecution evidence – to view videos and download slide pack.

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