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Civil News: Providers Given Financial Eligibility Tool to Trial

We are making a caseworker spreadsheet tool available to providers on a trial basis as support guidance when calculating client eligibility for legal aid

Providers checking client financial eligibility for legal aid can now access a spreadsheet tool used by our caseworkers when looking at applications.

This spreadsheet should only be used as a guidance support tool. It is not a replacement for the resources available on our GOV.UK means testing page.

You should also note that we are only recommending the spreadsheet for legal aid providers and not wider members of the public. Clients should continue to use the public-facing ‘legal aid checker’ tool.

Why is this happening now?

We recently removed the online civil legal aid calculator used by providers to assist with eligibility calculations. The online calculator was a legacy tool which we were unable to update. So, we are trialling the spreadsheet to see how well this works as a substitute.

How do I find the spreadsheet?

The caseworker spreadsheet is available on our online training site where you can submit feedback on how well it is working for you.

How do clients check financial eligibility?

Your clients will continue to have access to the ‘legal aid checker’ set up for members of the public to use.

The old civil legal aid calculator was never designed for client use. It was a tool specifically for legal aid providers carrying out civil work.

Further Information

Training site link – to access caseworker spreadsheet tool

Civil legal aid: means testing – resources for providers

Legal aid checker – external tool for members of the public to check their

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