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Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs Bitter Travels to Georgetown, Miami, and Havana

Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs Rena Bitter will travel to Georgetown, Guyana; Miami, Florida; and Havana, Cuba from November 6-10. In Georgetown, Assistant Secretary Bitter will engage with host government officials to express appreciation for their cooperation on consular services, including facilitating the processing of U.S. immigrant visas for Cuban nationals at the U.S. Embassy in Georgetown since 2018.

In Miami, the Assistant Secretary will review U.S. passport facility operations and meet staff. In Havana, Assistant Secretary Bitter will be joined by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ur Mendoza Jaddou to discuss the full resumption of immigrant visa processing in early 2023 and the recent resumption of Cuban Family Reunification Parole processing at U.S. Embassy Havana with host government officials.

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