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Assistant Secretary David Schenker’s Travel to Lebanon, Morocco, and the United Kingdom

Office of the Spokesperson

Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Schenker will travel to Lebanon, Morocco, and the United Kingdom October 12 – October 21. Hosted by UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Jan Kubis, Assistant Secretary Schenker will facilitate the opening session of negotiations between the governments of Israel and Lebanon on their maritime boundary. He will be joined by Ambassador John Desrocher, who will serve as the U.S. mediator for these negotiations. As announced on October 1, the framework agreement to commence discussions on the maritime boundary is a vital step forward that offers the potential to yield greater stability, security, and prosperity for Lebanese and Israeli citizens alike. In Morocco, Assistant Secretary Schenker, joined by Ambassador David T. Fischer, will meet with government officials to discuss opportunities for increasing economic and security cooperation to further promote the U.S.-Morocco strategic partnership. On October 20, the Assistant Secretary will travel to London to meet with his UK counterparts for discussions on recent developments in the Middle East and North Africa.


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