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2020 Investment Climate Statements Released

Office of the Spokesperson

The U.S. Department of State announces the release of the 2020 Investment Climate Statements.

The 2020 Investment Climate Statements help U.S. companies make informed business decisions by describing conditions in foreign markets regarding factors such as: openness to foreign investment; legal regimes and transparency; industrial policies; protection of real and intellectual property rights; state-owned enterprises; responsible business conduct; corruption; and political and security environments. The reports highlight efforts to reform business environments as well as persistent barriers to U.S. investment. Addressing these barriers would enable countries to: expand high-quality, private sector-led investment; build infrastructure that drives growth; further women’s economic empowerment; develop the digital economy; and facilitate healthy business environments. Such improvements in foreign countries’ investment climates would help level the playing field for business competition and create greater opportunities for U.S. businesses and workers.

Economic officers at U.S. embassies and diplomatic missions prepare these annual reports analyzing over 165 foreign markets.

The reports can be viewed at the following link:

They also form a chapter of the Department of Commerce’s Country Commercial Guides found at:

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