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Rogue 'SpudsToGo' Restaurant Removed from UberEats, Eden Shopping Centre Websites

SpudsToGo ® is a registered trademark
SpudsToGo ® is a registered trademark

A London-based solicitor acting for Uber Eats UK Limited has taken the decision to remove a restaurant operating as "Spud to Go" from its takeaway restaurant and delivery platform.

As reported by WireNews on 20 April 2023, Manish Manek, a convicted real estate agent and fraudster, has been operating a jacket potato restaurant from Eden Shopping Centre in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, since 2019.

At the same time, Eden Shopping Centre has removed the restaurant from its company's website.

On 5 May 2023, a woman telephoned the SpudsToGo head office (using 07825 141797) and claimed to be calling on behalf of Eden Shopping Centre, demanding that no further letters regarding the subject be sent to the shopping centre. The woman also said, "If there has been any infringement, it has nothing to do with Eden Shopping Centre."

According to its website, Eden Shopping Centre is owned and operated by Savills plc.

Bill White, a director of SpudsToGo Limited and owner of the parent company said: "The removal of this restaurant from UberEats' platform and the appearance that Manish Manek has been forced to cease unlawfully operating from Eden Shopping Centre, using our brand and trademark, draws a line under the ongoing damages."

"There remains the outstanding matter of the prior infringement and enrichment by both these companies and the fraudster Manish Manek, and this matter is now the subject of legal proceedings," White explained.


SpudsToGo Limited is owned by Mayside Partners Limited. For more information about SpudsToGo go to

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