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National Elections in Cambodia

National Elections in Cambodia
National Elections in Cambodia

The United States is troubled that the July 23 Cambodian national elections were neither free nor fair.

Ahead of the elections, Cambodian authorities engaged in a pattern of threats and harassment against the political opposition, media, and civil society that undermined the spirit of the country’s constitution and Cambodia’s international obligations. These actions denied the Cambodian people a voice and a choice in determining the future of their country.

In response, the United States has taken steps to impose visa restrictions on individuals who undermined democracy and implemented a pause on certain foreign assistance programs.

As the ruling Cambodian People’s Party forms a new government, authorities have an opportunity to improve the country’s international standing, including by restoring genuine multi-party democracy, ending politically motivated trials, reversing convictions of government critics, and allowing independent media outlets to reopen and function without interference.

The United States looks forward to a continued partnership with the Cambodian people to support their aspirations for a more prosperous, democratic, and independent country where all voices are heard.


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