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Mayside Trust Acquires Mayside Partners

Updated: Jan 6

Mayside Trust Acquires Mayside Partners
Mayside Trust Acquires Mayside Partners

Mayside Partners Limited has today announced that the entirety of its preferred and issued capital has been acquired by Mayside Trust, a private family trust established in Scotland for the purposes of holding and overseeing the ownership of Mayside Partners Limited and each of its subsidiary companies.

Mayside Partners Limited is a Scottish-based venture capital firm founded by Bill White, an American entrepreneur and journalist.

Speaking about the change, Bill White, CEO of Mayside Partners and the Settlor of Mayside Trust, stated, "There has been no changes in the management of any of the Mayside companies or in Mayside Partners itself. This change pertains exclusively to the ownership of the preferred capital of the parent company, and the time arrived for that ownership to be vested in Mayside Trust to safeguard the beneficial interests for the beneficiaries of Mayside Trust."

Mayside Partners owns WireNews Limited, SpudsToGo Limited, Kestrel Assets Limited and provides funding for Hebrew Synagogue. Within this group of companies there are numerous operating subsidiaries, including MEADHANAN Agency, CertainIDs, Stroggilo Management, Ki B'Simcha Yachting, Levana Bakery, Leased Aviation, Studio 1887, BW Brand and Mayside House.


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