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Helicopter Slithering Training for Commandos of Union Territory of Delhi

For security arrangements for G20 Summit, Delhi Police imparted Helicopter Slithering Training to its commandoes. The first batch consisted of 55 males, 25 females, and 15 SWAT Commando undergone training at Delhi Police Academy Jharoda Kalan.

A makeshift helipad was prepared on the ground of Delhi Police Academy, Jharoda Kalan. A Border Security Force MI-17 IV helicopter, fitted with a slithering frame and trained men from BSF took off from Safdarjung airport. They landed at the Helipad of Delhi Police Academy, Jharoda Kalan.

Slithering from a helicopter is a risky procedure, not only for the pilot but also for the person slithering down from an airborne helicopter. It is dangerous and tough compared to the slithering exercise from a building or a tree. Delhi Police is giving training to its commandoes to send them for any evacuation in disaster or to deal with any terrorist incident.

In the presence of Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora, Special Commissioner of Police Training Mukesh Kumar Meena, Director of the Academy Vijay Singh, and other dignitaries, a live demonstration was given by the training commandoes.

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