Hebrew Synagogue Launches New Website

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Hebrew Synagogue, a Scottish-based advisory body, has launched its new website at http://hebrewsynagogue.org. The company offers a number of services to affiliated synagogues.

In addition to its advisory role, Hebrew Synagogue operates Beth Israel Synagogue.

The following are Objects are taken directly from the governing document of Hebrew Synagogue and while each Object incorporates considerable depth not shown here, the following text provides the reader with an overview of what Hebrew Synagogue does:

(1) To establish and maintain an Ecclesiastical Court and ancillary religious services; (2) To license, oversee and record Jewish marriages, separations or divorces between Jewish individuals sought under its aegis; (3) To sanction, oversee and record Jewish rites' burials sought under its aegis; (4) To encourage and support Jewish religious life for the public benefit including without limitation; (5) To license, set the Kashrus standards for and provide appropriate supervision for kosher establishments, producers, manufacturers and caterers, etc., as required; (6) To provide religious advice and information to both Jewish and non-Jewish individuals and organisations, as required; (7) To monitor the kosher status of any Mitvaoth (Ritual Baths) operating under its aegis; (8) To take appropriate action to promote, oversee and record any of the above activities;

Hebrew Synagogue is seen as an advisory body on matters pertaining to Jewish religious practice and is widely consulted by many agencies. Hebrew Synagogue and Beth Israel Synagogue receive funding and financial guarantees from Mayside Partners Limited.

For more information visit http://hebrewsynagogue.org.


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