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Be Aware, You Might be Duped in a Pretext of an Online Complaint Redressal

Be careful while lodging complaints about the online redressal system. It's possible that the online redressal system where you’re lodging a complaint is fake.

A gang of fraudsters is active, nowadays, posing as government officials, who encourage you to provide solutions to your online complaint and ask you to deposit processing fees.

In compliance with a report of one cyber victim, the Joint team of IFSO and Cyber Cell of Delhi Police busted a syndicate of 12 members running a fake online redressal system for victims of cybercrime.

All the 12 members including 2 females are in police custody and an investigation is going on.

Preliminary investigation reveals that syndicate cheated more than 3000 citizens and duped 1.74 crore rupees in the pretext of redressal of their online complaint registered in their fake portal The member of the syndicate contacts the victim via phone, who has lodged the complaint on their portal for redressal and asked them to deposit processing fee vary 300 to 3000 rupees. Once the money was transferred, they blocked the phone number of the victims. To attract traffic such websites are registered in google for search engines and the method of search engine optimization is used.

Whenever someone goes across cybercrime, he or she should report cybercrime on the website of the cybercrime department or call the helpline number 155260. No charges or processing fees will be levied for registering complaints about lawful action. Be safe and make others safe.

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