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'Anti-Diabetes' Drug Approved for Clinical Trials at Sheba Medical Center

Updated: May 25, 2020

According to Dror Chevion, CEO and co-founder of Concenter BioPharma Ltd., the Israeli company behind a new drug being described as an 'Anti-Diabetes' drug, Zygosid-50 has been granted permission by the Helsinki Committee to conduct Phase 2a clinical trials at Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gam, Israel.

The Helsinki Committee deals with research approval and human experiments. Its purpose is to expand medical knowledge and improve the results of medical treatments.

Zygosid-50 could be the first diabetes drug to restore near-normal cellular sensitivity to insulin, without side effects. Concenter BioPharma, based in Jerusalem, is raising funds for clinical trials approved by the FDA based on evidence from earlier testing in animal models for Type 2 Diabetics (T2D).

Concenter BioPharma's co-founder and CSO, Prof. Mottie (Mordechai) Chevion said: “the unique property is that it cancels out insulin resistance".

For more information about Zygosid-50 or Concenter Biopharma visit the company's website.

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