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Uber Eats UK Given Notice of Claim in Fraudster's 'SpudsToGo' Restaurant

Updated: Apr 29

Uber Eats UK Limited has been served notice of a claim being made against the company for its continued refusal to remove a restaurant operating as "Spud to Go" from its takeaway restaurant and delivery platform.

As has been reported by WireNews, the rogue restaurant is operated from the Eden Shopping Centre in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire by a convicted fraudster, a former estate agent who stole more than £65,000 of tenants' money, fled the UK ahead of the police and was eventually returned to the UK to face charges. Manish Manek was eventually sentenced and served 20 months in prison in connection with 17 charges of fraud.

Savills Estate Agents, the owner and operator of Eden Shopping Centre, has already been given notice of the claim against the shopping centre for its failure to properly identify the passing off of the restaurant since 2019 when it opened.

SpudsToGo was established in 2005 in the United States and relocated to the UK in 2008. The brand is owned by SpudsToGo Limited, a Scottish corporation run by Bill White, the owner of its parent company, and the ultimate owner of WireNews.

Despite repeated warnings, Uber Eats has refused to remove the restaurant from its platform.

Bill White, the founder of SpudsToGo and CEO of Mayside Partners Limited said: "Ten days ago I contacted Uber Eats' "takedown" department, which is based in the United States. Despite regular communications with Uber, the company has refused to remove the restaurant that is clearly passing off on my established brand."

"We have now placed Uber Eats UK Limited on notice of our claim against the company for its continued participation and financial enrichment in connection with this fraudster's actions," White confirmed.

"The removal of the restaurant will no longer satisfy our claim against Uber Eats. We are now seeking damages from Uber Eats for the company's failure to prevent infringement of our brand and for its financial enrichment off our brand," White added.


SpudsToGo Limited is owned by Mayside Partners Limited. For more information about SpudsToGo go to

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