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U.S. Actions Targeting Transnational Criminals for Illicit Fentanyl Activity

Today, the United States is announcing a series of actions against those involved in illicit fentanyl trafficking. Through the Department of State, we announced reward offers for information leading to the arrest or conviction of 27 individuals. Additionally, the Department of Justice announced significant indictments against fentanyl traffickers associated with the Sinaloa Cartel. The Department of the Treasury sanctioned five individuals and two entities involved in the trafficking of fentanyl precursor chemicals from the PRC.

Today’s actions demonstrate the resolve of the United States to promote accountability for criminals who perpetuate illicit fentanyl activity. We are poised to continue the use of this important tool, not only to support our partners but also to help provide justice and accountability to those impacted by the careless distribution of a deadly substance.


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