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The First Anniversary of July 11, 2021 Protests

One year after the July 11, 2021 protests in Cuba, the United States recognizes the determination and courage of the Cuban people as they continue to fight for respect for human rights and persevere through repression during a historic year. We celebrate the Cuban people and commend their indomitable determination in the face of oppression.

Our two peoples share strong bonds of family and friendship, as well as a fervent desire for freedom, prosperity, and a bright future for our children. Through those bonds and desires, we will continue to stand with the Cuban people to support their struggle for democracy, including by promoting accountability for Cuban regime officials for human rights abuses, condemning restrictions on fundamental freedoms and labor rights, calling for the unconditional release of political prisoners, and urging our partners to do the same.

To the Cuban people: Americans watched with admiration on July 11, 2021, as tens of thousands of you took to the streets to raise your voices for human rights, fundamental freedoms, and a better life. And we stand with you as the Cuban regime, instead of welcoming the voices of the people, has condemned hundreds of protestors to decades-long prison sentences. It is unacceptable that today, one year after these demonstrations, over 700 protesters remain behind bars. The United States will always remain with the Cuban people in your desire to build a better future.


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