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Spain National Day

On behalf of the Government of the United States, I offer heartfelt congratulations to the people of Spain as you celebrate your national day on October 12th.

Spain is an indispensable ally and close friend of the United States. The strong partnership between our two countries is reflected in the growing economic, cultural, and educational exchanges between our citizens. I travelled to Spain in June for the 2022 NATO Summit to further our strong partnership promoting international peace, defending transatlantic security, standing up for human rights, and increasing our nations’ economic prosperity. Our countries’ joint response to Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine highlights our close cooperation to uphold democracy and the rules-based international order.

On this special occasion, we look forward to deepening our friendship, strengthening our historical and cultural ties, and broadening cooperation based on our common values.

Happy Fiesta Nacional de España to all our Spanish friends!


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