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Presidential Elections in Zimbabwe


As Zimbabweans prepare to head to the polls on August 23, the United States calls on all actors to commit to free, fair, and peaceful elections. The Zimbabwean people deserve the chance to choose their future without fear of repression or intimidation, in line with Zimbabwe’s constitution. We believe the best route to peace and prosperity is for governments to respect the right of their citizens to vote and allow for peaceful and democratic political processes.

We are concerned by recent actions leading up to the elections, including political violence and legislation that curtails human rights and freedoms enshrined in Zimbabwe’s constitution. The United States condemns the denial of credentials for multiple international journalists and domestic civil society members to cover the elections in-country and delays in election observation accreditation. We call on the government of Zimbabwe and all political leaders to ensure the elections are free of violence and coercion. While the United States does not support any party or candidate, we are committed to supporting the democratic process and backing Zimbabwean aspirations to combat corruption and strengthen the rule of law.

The United States has supported the people of Zimbabwe since their independence in 1980, and it continues to stand with them as they head to vote on Wednesday.


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