Midday Rant - Where’s the Bottom to This?

by Bill White


You may have already noticed, but June is the month during which all of the major companies, obviously social media giants like Google, Twitter, government agencies and the like have scheduled to bombard you with their campaign to normalise behaviour that is antithetical to the Torah and for that matter, every idolatry practiced by billions of people, in fact, a considerable majority of the worldwide population.

Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way. My comments here and elsewhere are not ‘hateful conduct’ and my opinion is not intended to “promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.”

On the contrary, this month-long deluge of behaviour that is antithetical to the Torah is targeting religious affiliation and should be prevented by companies who claim to police the Internet. But their social ‘justice’ is selective.

These companies and agencies have an agenda, which is to force you to accept behaviour that is contrary to the teaching of [your] religion. It’s sort of like forcing a bakery to make a cake but on a global scale. And if you don’t submit, if you don’t accept, if don’t demonstrate a deep pleasure or satisfaction for that behavior, they will punish you. They will deny you your free speech rights, in favour of the “rights” of those whose behaviour they seek to promote.

Today, Twitter suspended my personal account for 12 hours because of my reply to an offending Tweet by Elad Strohmayer (https://twitter.com/EladStr) that included the Foreign Ministry for Israel (https://twitter.com/IsraelMFA), in which I asked a simple question. I asked: “Is there no bottom to this…?” And I’m leaving out one five-letter word from that question, a five-letter word which is not recognised by anyone, anywhere as being obscene. But a five-letter word that Twitter claims turned my simple question into “Hateful Conduct”. To confirm, there was no threat. There was no individual person targeted by my Tweet. It would be like asking the question, “is there no bottom to the Left’s lying?”. Go ahead and run through your own list of five-letter words, and you decide.

But I have another question. Why is Twitter, Google and all of the promoters of this behaviour entitled to ignore my faith, no, not ignore my beliefs, why are they entitled to debase my religious beliefs and the beliefs of billions of people around the world, in favour of any other group’s private activities, or at least what should be private activities?

To be clear, I don’t care what anyone does in the privacy of their consensual relationships with other people. The personal challenge and test these people are living will be judged by G-D, whether or not they believe in G-D. It’s not for me to decide. But if you’re Jewish and you’re encouraging other Jews to violate Halakha, or Jewish Law, then, it is my obligation to point that out.

But Twitter, Google, and the others, will force us to endure a month-long assault and their attempts to normalise behaviour that is contrary to our religious beliefs and worse, we’re not allowed to politely express an objecting opinion. They’re violating their own “police powers” by allowing, no, encouraging people to post content that seeks to debase my religious beliefs. Who gives these companies the right to do that?

Where’s the Bottom to This?