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Midday Rant - Russians* Not Welcomed Here

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

by Bill White


* Belarusians too

Honestly, I wonder how far the ‘tolerant’ among us will take this nonsense… On Wednesday we learned that the ‘All England Club’ and the ‘Committee of Management of The Championships’, who operate Wimbledon, will refuse entries from Russian and Belarusian players to The Championships 2022 at Wimbledon.

Ian Hewitt, who is Chairman of the All England Club, in making the announcement spoke of "universal condemnation" of Russia's actions, which he described as "illegal". I would suggest that “universal” is perhaps a tad bit overstated. And like most of his ilk, Hewitt appears to have forgotten that two wrongs don’t make a right.

For the record, discrimination on the basis of nationality is illegal, even in the United Kingdom. The only reason why these players are being refused entry to this event is that they are Russian and Belarusian. That's unlawful discrimination. This may come as a surprise to Hewitt, but under the Equality Act 2010, it is illegal for anyone to be discriminated against in the workplace due to their race or nationality.

Before ascending to the lofty post of Chairman of the All England Club, Hewitt was a partner for over 25 years with Freshfields, an international law firm, so you would think that he would know discrimination when he commits it, I mean, sees it, but I guess he thinks he can get away with breaking the law because all such acts of discrimination and the theft of people's property is all the rage today.

All that’s needed to deny someone their rights, since the end of February this year, is that they may or may not have had a passing association with Vladimir Putin. But in this case, these athletes are being unlawfully discriminated against merely because they carry the wrong passport.

Ian Hewitt and each of the Committee Members who voted for this unlawful discrimination should be ashamed of themselves. I am calling on everyone to ignore the All England Club and its upcoming event scheduled in June. I also call on all other tennis players to withdraw from the event but if they do not, then, by their actions they support the unlawful discrimination being perpetrated upon the Russian and Belarusian players. I say, you may regret your acquiescence and lack of protest, when your passport falls out of favour, somewhere, anywhere, maybe here in the UK.

Shame on Ian Hewitt, shame on the Committee that runs Wimbledon. You’re all part of the Woke Mob and should be ignored.



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