Midday Rant - Mass Propaganda

by Bill White


It’s hard to know who to listen to anymore and by that, I mean, who is telling the truth... Over the last two- and a-bit years, we have all become a little weary of the ‘experts’ and the ‘professionals’ each with their agenda causing many of us to wonder if objective truth even exists?

The current news cycle, which began around six weeks ago, is focused on the war in Ukraine, and under the guise of “propaganda”, Western nations have worked together to censor Russian television company, RT, which has been taken off-air and off-line in several markets. It would be hilarious, if it wasn’t such a serious subject.. the pot is literally calling the kettle black.

Just days after the media-driven government propaganda stopped trying to convince the population that all our freedoms should be restricted for the health and well-being of the Global Community, the corporate talking heads now want to persuade us to stand up for the freedoms of Ukraine.

In the United States, for example, the same Administration that operates an illegal open-door policy, allowing millions of people to cross into the country seeks to convince the citizens that the national borders of Ukraine MUST be respected at any cost and that even the threat of a world war is worth the risk. Any objective analysis of this would recognise the irony.

The full-on attack against everything Russian started almost immediately after the invasion of Ukraine, with some zealots pouring Russian vodka that they had purchased, into the street and quickly moved onto the seizure of the assets of a growing list of Russian billionaires, who may or may not have had a passing association with Vladimir Putin.

Now, we hear the media elite intimating that Russia ‘may have used’ chemical weapons in Ukraine and while very few presenters dare to ‘confirm’ such a ridiculous story, the stage has been set so you can expect that if Putin has not used chemical weapons (and he hasn’t), then, some other nation will, and Russia will get the blame.

Propaganda in one form or another has been going on throughout history, ever so slowly progressing to where we are today. Governments have always conducted some form of disinformation, usually during wartime, but previously, these activities would be focused outward, toward the enemy. Today, mass propaganda is targeted inward, with the government lying to its own people in order to achieve the agenda of the ruling class.

And as I mentioned back in March 2020, COVID19 could not have come at a more opportune time. The economies of many of the Western nations were in tatters. In the UK, Brexit would have shown itself to have been a grievous error without something larger rearing its head to take the blame. Then, just when people started to push back and it became obvious to our leaders that they could continue the charade no longer, almost as though it had been planned, Russia invaded Ukraine.

And so that is where we are today, with Russia being the current focus of the Western mass propaganda campaign. It’s anyone’s guess how this will end, but what is for certain is that a great many people will die and those who remain will be paying the financial costs of the elite’s agenda for generations.

I’ll leave you with one thought. The government is lying. All governments are lying. Question everything.