Midday Rant - Boris Johnson Has Gotta Go!

by Bill White


Last December, Prime Minister Boris Johnson categorically denied that any COVID19 rules had been broken by him or anyone at Number 10; saying quite clearly in the House of Commons and elsewhere that “No rules were broken”. He repeated this claim a number of times.

BOJO uttered that lie when he knew perfectly well that the rules had been broken AND not once, not twice, not, not three times (which some might forgive) but dozens of times and not by a couple rogue members of staff, but by a majority of the Downing Street employees… BUT more importantly, by the Prime Minister himself! Frankly, either the Prime Minister lied or he’s simply not mentally fit to lead the country.

As we approach the 1st of April this Prime Minister continues to prove time and again that the joke is well and truly on the British public. Boris Johnson does not accept that he is subject to the same rules he sets for everyone else.

This Prime Minister’s political life, even before he became leader of the ‘Conservative’ Party, has been the subject of investigation after investigation, scandal after scandal and yet now, as Prime Minister and as his arrogant and reckless behaviour continues, he refuses to resign.

The Party faithful, as expected, defend him, claiming among other so-called ‘achievements’ that he ‘Got Brexit Done’ and that he’s implemented a points-based immigration system, but neither of those claims are true. We’re no further out of Europe than we were before Brexit and the government’s plan to accept tens if not hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian immigrants and to grant them immediate access to the National Health and other benefit entitlements because of a war that threatens Europe, which by the way we’re supposed to have left, reveals that his achievements are not fit for purpose.

Today we learned that more than 20 fixed penalty notices or fines have been issued to members of the Downing Street staff and while the Prime Minister’s name was not found within the first tranche of ‘tickets’ more fines are said to be coming so time will tell whether Boris Johnson will get his at a later date. What we know if that he lied to Parliament when he claimed no rules were broken.

It would be impossible for him not to have known that wine and cheese parties, bring your own booze gatherings and his own birthday party were not violations of the strict COVID19 rules he had imposed on the rest of the nation and to suggest otherwise is to ignore the obvious.

I don’t care that Downing Street was having parties. Their behaviour merely confirms what I already knew to be true and which the Prime Minister and his lackeys understood all too well—that the COVID19 restrictions were political theatre, a plan to control the masses and to divert attention from the real truth… that the economy was in the toilet.

Surely Boris Johnson understands that the pandemic came at the perfect time to protect his administration from the reality of Brexit. COVID19 was used to excuse why the economy was in shambles. The government milked that excuse for as long as it could and then as if by magic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine miraculously appeared to take the place of waning death and infection rates, that signaled that that ruse had run its course (meaning the peasants would no longer submit).

The sad truth is that very few people actually believe this Prime Minister when he speaks. The people deserve better. He is a serial liar, a disgrace to the woman and many men who held this High Office before him and who somehow managed to do so without lying as he does. It’s time for him to resign.

Boris Johnson has gotta go!