Midday Rant - Abortion: Why Do They Want It So Bad?

by Bill White


Following on from yesterday, the leaked draft SCOTUS opinion has been confirmed, though few people doubted its authenticity. Chief Justice John Roberts has promised an investigation, though I doubt anything will come of that effort. It’s not a crime to leak Supreme Court documents, though if it turns out that the culprit is a member of one of the Bar Associations, then, they’ll likely be disbarred, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. I still think that it’s not as it appears; I just don’t believe that one of the Lefties in the court leaked it…

To start with, they would know that none of the justices will be swayed by public opinion. And Democrats are insane, but they’re not suicidal. They’re not going to abandon the filibuster rules in the Senate no matter how many times they threaten to do so, or let’s face it, they would have done that already and forced Roe into law in every state, at some point during the last 50 years.

But here’s the point… Why do they want Abortion so bad? This draft opinion that looks set to overrule Roe and Casey, will not make abortion illegal. It won’t even reduce the number of abortions in America... On the contrary, it will probably increase them. I would expect abortion zealots to intentionally get pregnant just so they can have an abortion and record the procedure for their Instagram posts, so what’s all this about?

Overruling Roe and Casey will make abortion a States’ Rights issue, which it is and always should have been and that means that if the voters in a state want to allow abortions, then, they can have their representatives pass laws to protect their ‘right’ to murder unborn children. In other states, where the voters wish to preserve the sanctity of life, they will enact laws that do just that. But this enrages Democrats. Why? Abortion. Why do they want it so bad?

It's not about “My Body”, “My Choice” as they claim. We’ve just gone through more than two years of these insane people telling us to wear masks, inject ourselves with experimental drugs and distance ourselves from loved ones and everyone else. It’s not about ‘their choice’.

I think it comes down to this... It’s about ‘our choice’. Democrats hate themselves. They are NEVER truly happy… and as we know, misery loves company. That said, they are most happy, their self-loathing is at its lowest ebb when they are forcing other people when they are controlling other people, demanding from other people, to submit, to accept their lack of morals, and for those people to deny their values in the service of the Democrats’ evil, deviant behaviour.

It isn’t enough for the demonic malcontents to destroy their own communities like they have done in every Democrat-run city in America. They want to destroy your community. America has 50 states. It’s a big country, really it’s like 50 countries, without borders and so if you want to murder children, you can go live in New York, or California, or one of the other states where Democrats fester. And isn’t that a great system? The problem is, it’s not enough for them. They want you to murder your children, to pay for it all, and to accept, no, they want you to champion their miserable lives.