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London Landmark Tax Avoidance Scheme Named

A tax avoidance promoter based in The Shard has been exposed by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) with users warned to withdraw or risk large tax bills

ContractorCare Ltd was today named by HMRC as a tax avoidance promoter, along with PAYEme Ltd, and Gateway Outsource Solutions Ltd. Customers are being urged to withdraw from the published schemes and contact HMRC as soon as possible.

This latest publication of tax avoidance schemes and their promoters comes after tax avoidance promoter Hyrax Resourcing Ltd was handed a £1 million fine after a legal challenge by HMRC, for failing to disclose to the tax authority the details of the tax avoidance scheme they promoted.

Mary Aiston, Director of Counter Avoidance, HMRC, said:

Tax avoidance schemes are advertised as clever ways to pay less tax but in reality, they rarely work as the promoters promise.
That’s why we’re regularly exposing the details of tax avoidance schemes and their promoters, to not only help customers steer clear of them, but also to disrupt the tax avoidance market and drive scheme promoters out of business.
Anyone who thinks they may be involved in a tax avoidance scheme, or have been approached by a scheme promoter, should contact us as soon as possible to get help.

The 3 named tax avoidance promoters are:

  • ContractorCare Ltd, of 24/25 The Shard, 32 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9SG

  • PAYEme Ltd, 3rd Floor 8 Princess Parade, Liverpool, L3 1DL

  • Gateway Outsource Solutions Ltd, of Mottram House, 43 Greek Street, Stockport, SK3 8AX

These avoidance schemes typically saw users contracted through the scheme and paid National Minimum Wage, with the rest of their wage disguised in a separate payment.

Schemes such as these often wrongly promise their users can avoid National Insurance and Income Tax.

HMRC has now named a total of 14 tax avoidance promoters and further names will be added to this list in the coming weeks. This is not a complete list of all tax avoidance schemes currently being marketed or a complete list of all promoters, enablers, and suppliers.

HMRC’s Tax Avoidance – Don’t Get Caught Out campaign offers a range of tools to customers to help them steer clear of avoidance schemes, such as their interactive risk checker, payslip guidance, and case studies demonstrating the risks of becoming involved in a tax avoidance scheme and the warning signs customers should look out for.

Customers who believe that they are involved in a tax avoidance scheme are advised to contact HMRC as quickly as possible by calling 03000 534 226.

HMRC is also urging customers who have been encouraged to get into a tax avoidance scheme or have come into contact with someone selling tax avoidance schemes to report this by using the Report tax fraud or avoidance to HMRC online form.


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