Intensive Care Wards in Spain May Reach a Critical Condition

Spain emerges as one of Europe’s worst COVID 19 hot spots. According to Mr. Fernando Simon the emergency health chief, by mid of November intensive care wards (ICU) may reach a critical situation. A total number of cases in the country soared by more than 50,000 over the weekend to reach 1,098,320 as of Monday, while the death toll is 35,031.

Prime Minister Mr.Pedro Sanchez has announced a new state of emergency to curb soaring coronavirus infections. Meanwhile, the nationwide curfew is set to last until at least the 9th of November. People are not allowed to move around between 11 pm and 6 am unless for specific reasons like work or a medical emergency.

This applies to all of Spain, except the Canary Islands. Regions can start the curfew an hour earlier or delay it to midnight.