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Help Support Jewish Hero David Stern

Jewish hero and Machon Shilo activist David Stern has been injured after a horrific terrorist attack in which he courageously injured the Amalekite terrorist who attacked him and his wife Rachel in hate-infested Hawara.

David will need to go through a period of convalescence in which he will not be able to engage in regular activities and the family needs our help.

We at Machon Shilo feel a communal responsibility towards our brother David and sister Rachel who are dear and prominent members of the Machon Shilo movement.

Rabbi David Bar-Hayim requests that we contribute towards this important cause which will greatly assist the wonderful Stern family who graciously hosted us on their homestead this past Pesach.

Please make a donation through the donate button which appears on the top of the home page of After having made payment one must make sure to notify the rabbi that the payment was intended for the Stern family by sending an email to


Machon Shilo, under the leadership of haRav David Bar Hayim, is dedicated to the promotion, discovery, and dissemination of Torat Eretz Yisrael, the halachic approach and method that the Jewish people need to serve Hashem and keep his Torah as an independent nation in their homeland. The Rav defines this mission as "laying the groundwork for a restatement and reconstitution of Jewish thought and practice, based on the Written Law and the Oral Tradition (Torah ShebiKhtav and Torah SheBa’al Peh), in order to facilitate the realization of the Jewish nation’s divinely mandated purpose and duty to establish “a nation of priests, a holy people (שמות יט:ו)". Follow on Twitter @MachonShilo

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