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Environment Agency 'Minded to' Issue Westbury Incinerator Permit

A new consultation has launched as the Environment Agency is 'minded to’ issue a permit to operate a new energy from waste incinerator in Westbury

After reviewing more than 600 comments and all the evidence, the agency said it is ‘minded to’ issue an environmental permit to Northacre Renewable Energy Ltd to operate an incinerator and burn non-hazardous waste at Northacre Industrial Estate, Stephenson Road, Westbury.

‘Minded to’ means the agency is satisfied that the appropriate measures are in place to operate the incinerator without causing harm to the environment or human health and, after exploring the issues and concerns that have been raised, it cannot find any reason to refuse the application.

Two documents have been produced which can be commented on as part of the consultation: the draft decision document and the draft permit. The draft decision document explains the agency’s thought process and how it has taken on board the comments received in the first consultation. The draft permit outlines the conditions the operator would have to meet.

The draft decision and draft permit, along with other previously available documents, are available on Responses can be made via the website or by email to quoting application number EPR/CP3803LV/A001 in any correspondence. Paper copies can be obtained by contacting the Environment Agency’s Customer Contact Centre on 03708 506 506. A charge may be made to cover copying costs.

Comments must be received by 11.59pm on 22 April 2022.

Please note only issues covered by the environmental permit can be considered in this consultation.

All comments will be reviewed before a final decision is made on whether to grant a permit.

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