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Election Results in Argentina

President-elect Javier Milei
President-elect Javier Milei

The United States congratulates Argentine President-elect Javier Milei on his victory in today’s election, and we applaud the robust democratic process through which the Argentine public has spoken. The strong turnout and peaceful conduct of the vote are a testament to Argentina’s electoral and democratic institutions.

We look forward to working with President-elect Milei and his government on shared priorities that benefit the people of both countries, including protecting human rights and democracy, addressing climate change, and investing in the middle class.

Editor's Note: The above statement by the United States may be wishful thinking because Javier Milei opposes feminist policies and abortion, which Argentina legalized in recent years, and has proposed a plebiscite to repeal the law. He also rejects the notion humans have a role in causing climate change.

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