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Denunciation of Cuban Government’s Response to Peaceful Demonstrations

Department Spokesperson

The United States commends the courage and will of the Cuban people who stood in the face of government repression to make their voices heard yesterday. The Cuban regime again blocked the voices of the Cuban people rather than listen to them, forgoing opportunities for dialogue and positive change for the future of Cuba.

Cubans throughout the island sought to demonstrate peacefully and ask their government to respect their fundamental freedoms and address their needs. They wanted to speak freely to their government, to decry the corruption and economic mismanagement that has left them without food, medicine, or medical supplies. The Cuban regime again denied them that chance. The authorities surrounded the homes of organizers and influencers to prevent them from exercising their rights of freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, repressed the protests where they did occur, and arrested demonstrators. The Cuban government aimed to hide what was happening from the rest of the world by revoking professional journalists’ credentials and cutting communication to organizers. Nevertheless, the international community once again witnessed the stifling of liberty by Cuba’s authoritarian regime.

Just as they did on July 11 and throughout this summer, the Cuban people courageously and peacefully attempted to initiate a discussion with their government. Time and again, the Cuban government rejected that effort with repression, sending security, police, and government-backed mobs to bully those who seek a democratic transition. We reiterate our call to the international community to press Cuba’s repressive regime to listen to its people.

We join the international community in condemning the mass arrests of Cuban protestors, seeking the release of those unjustly detained in Cuba, and supporting the Cuban people’s desire to determine their own future.

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