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Companies House Will Soon be Introducing a New WebFiling Account

The new WebFiling account will have more functionality with improved security features, and is the first step in creating a single sign-in across all Companies House services

Your new WebFiling account will have improved security features and will give you more freedom to self-manage your account.

New benefits include:

  • multi-factor authentication

  • the ability to link your company to your WebFiling account to give you more control over your filings

  • the ability to digitally authorise people to file on your behalf on WebFiling, and to remove authorisation

  • easily seeing who’s digitally authorised to file for your company

  • an option to sign up to emails to help you with the running of your company

Once you’ve linked your company to your account, you will not need to enter your authentication code every time you file online.

If you own or file on behalf of more than one company, you’ll be able to manage all your companies from one account.

Once the new account is introduced, you’ll also be able to digitally authorise yourself and other directors to file for your new company as part of the online incorporation process.

This is the first step in creating a single sign-in across all Companies House services, and it’s an important milestone in our 2020 to 2025 strategy.

What you need to do

When you log in to WebFiling after the new account has been introduced, you’ll need to give us some additional details to enable multi-factor authentication on your existing account. You will not need to sign up for a new account, and you’ll be able to use your existing email address and password.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to access all the benefits of your WebFiling account.

If you do not have a WebFiling account, you do not need to do anything at this time. If you sign up for a WebFiling account in the future, you’ll have access to these benefits.

If you have a Find and update company information service account, this account will not be affected by these changes at this time.

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