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AGPI Holds Exclusive Premiere In New York

To counter the surge of antisemitic incidents in New York City, The Abraham Global Peace Initiative (AGPI) held an exclusive premiere of its new documentary film hosted by the prestigious Lincoln Square Synagogue in Manhattan.

In New York, police data shows there is an antisemitic incident in the city every 33 hours on average. Incidents have doubled in the last two years to at least 263 attacks, despite the fact New York has the largest concentration of Jewish people outside of Israel.

"One of the major issues that arose at last night's premiere was the situation on university campuses across America. One parent recounted how after shopping for an antisemitism-free university for her child, she realized there weren't any", recounted AGPI's Founding Chairman and CEO, Avi Benlolo. The film provides valuable insight about the situation on campuses. It further undermines the myths and slander campaigns against the Jewish State by arming the audience with the truth about Israel.

The Future of Israel and its Defenders shatters antisemitic tropes and shows a new emerging face of Israel; one that is proud and feeling normalized amongst its Middle East neighbours and in the world community. Israelis are no longer feeling on an island onto themselves. Despite the defamation campaigns and rising global antisemitism, Israelis are feeling stronger than ever, particularly following the signing of The Abraham Accords.

Recently, AGPI launched the film as part of its platform to counter antisemitism on social media. "If there is one takeaway from the Kanye West (YE) episode, it's that we must double down our impact on social media. For this reason, AGPI is producing films and clips on social media as a countermeasure, and to educate and advocate" Benlolo added.

Additional screenings celebrating Israel's 75th anniversary are being planned throughout North America and Europe, including a major screening on the Jerusalem Post website (date coming soon). For information about the film and to book your own community screening please visit


The Abraham Global Peace Initiative (AGPI) is a prominent international Canadian NGO that educates, advocates, and publishes articles, reports, and produces exhibits, symposiums, and media content to counter Antisemitism; combat Holocaust denial; advance The Abraham Accords, defend Israel and Canada and advance freedom, democracy, and universal human rights. AGPI is a registered charitable organization and provides tax receipts for donations.

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