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Accusations of Mis-Selling Directed at Sage UK

Updated: Jan 9

Mayside Partners Limited to file a claim against Sage UK alleging mis-selling Sage50c Accounting Software

Accusations of Mis-Selling Directed at Sage UK
Accusations of Mis-Selling Directed at Sage UK

Mayside Partners Limited, a respected venture capital firm based in the UK, has informed Sage (UK) Limited of its intention to file a legal claim against Sage UK, alleging mis-selling of the Sage50c accounting software. The claim revolves around the representations made by Mr. Chris Jones, a sales representative of Sage UK in December 2021.

According to the claim, Mr. Jones assured Mayside Partners that the Sage50c software was capable of performing specific functions crucial to the company's accounting needs. Key among these was the ability for group filing of annual accounts with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and managing group quarterly VAT returns. These features were highlighted as primary reasons for Mayside Partners' decision to purchase the software subscription.

However, post-purchase, it became apparent that the Sage50c software did not fulfil these specific functionalities as promised by Mr. Jones. This discrepancy has reportedly led to significant operational challenges for Mayside Partners Limited, compelling them to pursue legal action.

Telephone conversations with Mr. Jones and other Sage employees, as well as emails between Mr. Jones and Bill White, CEO of Mayside Partners, will confirm Mayside Partners' allegations. Susan Wappat, Senior Customer Relations Manager for Sage informed Mayside Partners that Sage UK does not have any record of the requested requirements.

Mayside Partners Limited emphasises that their decision to file a claim is a response to what the company's senior management perceive as a clear case of misrepresentation and mis-selling. The claim aims to seek redress for the inconvenience and potential financial implications suffered due to the alleged mis-selling.

Bill White, CEO of Mayside Partners is calling on anyone else in the UK with a similar experience with Sage UK to contact him with a view to providing evidence of an organised process of mis-selling.

Sage UK has yet to respond to WireNews for comment. The outcome of this legal action could have implications for software sales practices and customer trust in the industry.


For further information, contact: Bill White of Mayside Partners Limited.


Editor's Note: Since the publication of this article Sage UK Limited has settled the civil claim being made by Mayside Partners Limited by refunding all of the money paid by Mayside Partners Limited since December 2021.

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