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AAIB Report: Flight Design CT2K (G-CBDJ), Fatal Accident

Fatal accident involving a Flight Design CT2K (G-CBDJ) at Beccles Aerodrome, Suffolk, 24 March 2022

During a flight from Temple Bruer airstrip in Lincolnshire to Beccles Aerodrome, Suffolk, the aircraft approach was described as “unstable”. The aircraft bounced on landing and probably stalled. The aircraft struck the ground and the pilot was fatally injured as a result.

The pilot was familiar with the aircraft and in recent practice, but the landing diverged from his intended plan. Given the pilot was 87 years old and recognised he would likely have to stop flying in the near future, it is possible that some age-related deterioration in human performance was a factor in this accident.

The investigation highlighted a lack of medical guidance for both pilots and medical professionals, as well as a cohort of private pilots who are not subject to an independent professional assessment of age-related deterioration in piloting ability.

As a result of the investigation, four Safety Recommendations have been made to the Civil Aviation Authority. Three of these are about the Pilot Medical Declaration and one concerns the revalidation of ratings.


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