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AAIB Report: Bombardier Global 6000 (LX-NST), Wingtip Strike During Baulked Landing

On approach in gusty conditions, a Bombardier Global 6000 (LX-NST) was damaged after its right wing made contact with the runway at London Luton Airport on 7 April 2022

On approach to Runway 25 at London Luton Airport in gusty conditions, the right wing of the aircraft made contact with the runway. This caused damage to the wingtip, flap flaring, aileron, and slat, but both crew members were unharmed. The runway contact occurred during a baulked landing in which the pitch and roll combination was sufficient for the right wing to touch the runway for approximately 18m.

The risk of wingtip contact is well known in this aircraft type and it has been subject of numerous previous reports, including by the AAIB. As a result of this known risk, the manufacturer has taken a number of safety actions including improving training and publishing new guidance for pilots on techniques for landing in crosswinds. They also developed a Training Area of Special Emphasis (TASE) proposal to further mitigate the risk, which was being assessed by Transport Canada at the time of publication.

Safety action has also been taken by the operator following an internal investigation including: that future simulator training would include new scenarios of crosswind landings and low energy go-arounds. Information about this event was shared amongst all crews.


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