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World Water Day

Secretary of State

Water is one of the world’s most precious resources. Whether mitigating and adapting to climate change impacts, strengthening global health security, improving access to food, or securing energy resources, water is essential to addressing these issues and building a better future. Millions of people around the world lack access to safe drinking water and sanitation, and water supplies are increasingly scarce and unpredictable. And, of course, water is vital to all life on earth and to the conservation and restoration of nature. We must act to strengthen water security for all.

Many of our goals – and those of our partners – cannot be achieved without water security. The United States is investing in water resources and infrastructure at home and abroad through the U.S. Global Water Strategy, a whole-of-government approach to advance our vision for a water-secure world. We are also integrating water security and water management into our climate adaptation efforts. Through our commitment to conserve 30 percent of our land and waters by 2030, we will help maintain the ecosystems that are so crucial for water security. Additionally, the President’s Emergency Plan for Adaptation and Resilience (PREPARE) will support climate adaptation efforts for more than half a billion people around the world. Investing in adaptation addresses immediate water challenges and builds a resilient future.

On this World Water Day, we recognize that our future depends on protecting this essential resource, and we celebrate everyone who is working to build a more water-secure world.


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