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Welcoming the European Council Decisions on EU Enlargement

European Council
European Council

The United States welcomes the European Council’s December 14 decisions on EU enlargement as a powerful affirmation of the EU candidates’ and prospective candidates’ European future. Today’s decisions to open EU accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova, grant EU candidate status to Georgia, and open accession negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina, once it has met the necessary criteria, offer hope and incentive to these countries and their people to continue reforms needed to advance their EU ambitions. This is a historic moment for Europe and for the transatlantic partnership.

The United States continues to strongly support the EU’s enlargement process, and we look forward to supporting EU candidate and prospective candidate countries as they continue critical reforms on the path to EU membership. At this pivotal moment for the transatlantic community, we encourage them to seize the momentum to realize their full democratic and economic potential and secure their future in Europe.


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