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UK Taxpayer Funding for Syrians Reaches Almost £200 Million This Year

UK taxpayer funding for vulnerable Syrians and the region reaches almost £200 million this year

  • The UK pledges up to £150 million at a pledging conference in Brussels

  • Earlier this year, the UK also committed up to £43 million to support the response to the earthquakes in Syria and Türkiye.

  • Funds pledged today will support food production, protect women and girls from violence, provide lifesaving assistance, and ensure access and improved humanitarian service provision.

At the ‘Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region’ pledging conference in Brussels today (Thursday 15 June) the UK government has pledged up to £150 million of taxpayers' money to support millions of vulnerable Syrians and help mitigate the destabilising impact of the conflict in refugee-hosting nations.

This year’s pledge is in addition to the £43m of taxpayer money already committed earlier this year in response to the earthquakes in Syria and Türkiye, bringing the UK’s contribution to Syria and the region to £193m in 2023.

Lord (Tariq) Ahmad of Wimbledon, Minister of State for the Middle East, said:

The UK’s commitment to supporting the Syrian people is unwavering.
On top of 12 years of harrowing conflict, Syrians have faced further tragedy this year in the form of February’s earthquakes.
The international community must ensure the Syrian people are not forgotten. The UK will continue to play a leadership role in supporting Syrians to rebuild their lives and promote a long-term political settlement for lasting and sustainable peace.

The funding announced today will support the humanitarian response both within Syria and across the region. It will enable around 65,000 Syrians in need per year to be less dependent on emergency aid, provide access to high-quality primary education in Northwest Syria and deliver specialised sexual and reproductive health services and gender-based violence services to help survivors recover.

UK funding earlier in the year for earthquake relief in Syria included immediate support to the White Helmets for search and rescue operations, the delivery of urgent relief items - such as family tents, blankets, water purification kits - as well as a bolstered package of support to aid agencies to help those most in need. Last year, UK funding for the humanitarian needs of Syrians also provided thousands of people with drinking water and access to formal education, as well as delivering immunisation campaigns, medical consultations and sexual, gender-based violence and reproductive services.

The UK taxpayers collectively are one of the largest bilateral donors to the Syria Crisis, having spent over £3.8 billion to date. It is the UK’s largest-ever response to a single humanitarian crisis.


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