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The Surge and Rapid Response Team (SRRT)

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The Surge and Rapid Response Team (SRRT)
The Surge and Rapid Response Team (SRRT)

The Surge and Rapid Response Team (SRRT) will support any government department or agency to manage predictable annual peaks in demand, and to respond to unexpected crises.

The SRRT’s members are recruited as ODP Apprentices. The apprenticeship standard ensures the SRRT is able to deploy an adaptable and skilled cross government team. You can request SRRT resource to support with your planned or unplanned work demands.

These types of work include -

  • Face to Face Customer Service

  • Telephony

  • Casework/Processing

  • Admin/Clerical Support

  • Correspondence

You will benefit from -

  • AO - EO Deployable Teams

  • Enhanced Security Clearance (SC) as standard

  • ‘In House’ Management, releasing your valuable department resources

  • Rapid deployment nationally or internationally depending on your requirements

  • Experience in customer service roles across government departments and policy areas

The data speaks for itself -

  • Supported over 50 government bodies so far

  • Over 600 successful deployments

  • We have an 800+ operationally active workforce

  • By April 2024 our new offer will include 250 EO’s, also available for deployment

If you would like to know more about the SRRT, or would like to express interest in securing SRRT support, email:


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