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The Deputy Secretary’s Meeting With NUG Representatives

Zin Mar Aung
Zin Mar Aung

Office of the Spokesperson

Deputy Secretary Sherman met today in Washington with NUG representatives, including Zin Mar Aung. The Deputy Secretary underscored robust U.S. support for the people of Burma in the face of the regime’s brutal crackdown and pledged to continue providing support to all those working peacefully toward the restoration of Burma’s path to inclusive democracy.

Noting the many Southeast Asian leaders in Washington for the U.S.-ASEAN Special Summit, the Deputy Secretary highlighted that the United States would continue to work closely with ASEAN and other partners in pressing for a just and peaceful resolution to the crisis in Burma.

They also condemned the escalating regime violence that has led to a humanitarian crisis and called for unhindered humanitarian access to assist all those in need in Burma. The Deputy Secretary thanked Zin Mar Aung for her courage and dedication to the people of Burma and offered U.S. support for an inclusive, peaceful, and prosperous democracy for all.

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