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Somalia’s Presidential Elections

Secretary of State

The United States congratulates the people of Somalia on the conclusion of their national electoral process. We also congratulate Hassan Sheikh Mohamud on his election as the president of the Federal Republic of Somalia and look forward to working closely with him and the new government.

With the conclusion of this process, Somalia now has an opportunity to focus on the political, economic, and security reforms necessary to advance the interests of the people of Somalia.

We encourage President Hassan Sheikh and all of Somalia’s leaders to prioritize strengthening democratic governance and institutions; developing security forces to prevent and counter terrorism and assume full security responsibility from the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia; enacting economic reforms to complete Somalia’s path to debt relief and strengthen the economy; and facilitating the delivery of humanitarian aid to the millions of Somalis suffering from devastating drought. Reconciliation, compromise, and enhanced dialogue among all levels of government and all communities will be vital to the success of these efforts.

The United States looks forward to the timely formation of a new government and partnering with Somalia’s leaders to achieve our shared goal of a peaceful, democratic, and prosperous Somalia.


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