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Sentence Increased for Crossbow Shooter

A man who shot his friend with a crossbow has had his sentence increased by the Court of Appeal

A man who shot his friend with a crossbow has had his sentence increased after the Solicitor General, Alex Chalk QC MP, thought his original sentence was too low.

Harry Jones, 19, shot the victim with a pre-loaded crossbow after luring him to a meeting place under the pretext of selling him some clothes. The victim and offender were friends, but Jones was angry that the victim had given him fake currency.

The victim was miraculously able to run away, pursued by the offender who produced a Samurai sword before he eventually gave up the chase. The victim suffered life-threatening injuries to his bowel and intestines and the bolt from the crossbow was recovered from his abdomen. He remained in hospital for a month after the attack and was told by doctors it would take a year to recover.

On 25 February at Woolwich Crown Court, Jones was convicted of wounding with intent, possession of an offensive weapon, and possession of cannabis. Jones was sentenced to 6 years’ detention.

The Solicitor General referred Jones’ original sentence to the Court of Appeal under the Unduly Lenient Sentence scheme.

On 13 May the Court of Appeal found his sentence to be unduly lenient and increased his sentence to 9 years’ detention with a 4-year extended licence period.

Speaking after the hearing, the Solicitor General said:

Harry Jones carried out a premeditated attack on his friend which resulted in the victim suffering appalling, life-threatening injuries. I welcome the decision of the Court of Appeal to increase his sentence to properly reflect the severity of his actions.
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